Off Broadway Premiere, Written by L.Pontius

Padraic Lillis, Director
Alchemy Theatre Company

A mix of tragedy and comedy about loneliness and despair of living in a big city and the choices we make to relieve that pressure.  Helen and Frank are two strangers on a roof top- Frank is a peeping tom that has been watching Helen walk home night after night and Helen reveals through the course of the evening that she deals with pain by cutting.  They try to find a common ground and way to escape the world they know, but it all changes as taboos and secrets are shared and their dreams fall apart.
Helen awakes on a roof top
Full Stage
Frank hears the oncoming rain
Scene Break- no scene changes, but this was used to show passage of time through out the night
"Set and costumes by Lea Umberger are exquisite. Her startlingly realistic rooftop is beautifully set off by an impressionistic riot of windows.  And bravo for making it rain on an off-off Broadway stage."- Duncan Pflaster,

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Umbrella, Top of Show, Lea Umberger- Set Designs
Umbrella, Lea Umbrella- Set Design, Alchemy Theatre
Helen walks the roof line
Umbrella, Lea Umberger- Set Design, Alchemy Theatre
Helen soothes Frank
Umbrella, Lea Umberger- Set Design, Alchemy Theatre
Umbrella, Lea Umberger- Set Design, Alchemy Theatre
Set Built by: Ken Larson Company