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Verizon Broadband Commercial Short (35mm)

Andrew Hulse, Director
Jimmy Lee Phelan, Director of Photography
Victoria Yoffie and Lisa Goodman, Producers

A high school football hero makes a generous donation that lifts the spirits of his home town team and brings the nostalgia of being at the old games right to his office.
Principal's Office
Locker Room
Uniform locker area to the left of the coach was created to look like an equipment room for the team.  This room usually serves as the coach's locker room and does not have hanging racks or storage.
Press Box
The Press Box area was dressed to look like it was a pre-game set up.  Using scoring machines, lamps and the "donated" equipment to create the look.  Also added was the corkboard and wall phone.
The entire room was rearranged to move the desk closer to the window.  Computer desk and school art work used to completely mask the existing doorway behind the desk and the bookshelf covered the opposite door.

Fake Diploma and Trophies added to the window sill and wall dressing.

Other personal accessories added - using actor's family photos, candy jar of jelly beans,coffee mugs, and a red accent lamp to pick up the colors of the school team
Coach's Locker Room
High School Football Hero's Office
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