35mm short

Yukio "Dai" Ogata, Director
Miguel Salazar, Director of Photography
Anne Takahashi, Producer
Two worlds collide as Sebastian, the son of a Colombian bullfighter, searches for the way to overcome his fear by visiting his older brother, Pedro, in New York City.  Sebastian arrives to find that his brother is dealing with problems of his own.  With the help of Pedro's japanese girlfriend both men discover their path in life.
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Combine influence from both South American design aesthetics with the clean lines of Japanese aesthetics. 

Red accent colors show up through out the movie.  Her red cardigan,
red blood on mirror

Making sure that a little of each of the couple was in each room.
Close up of the mirror after Pedro has punched it during an argument.
Sebastian arrives.
The apartment has an empty feeling. 
Curtains on the window combine an Asian bamboo style and a South American design motif found in shutter research.
Kitchen has more of a life to it.  Basil plants, hanging fruit basket, piles of newspapers, work ladder, red dish towels.
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