Reel Siren Films - super 16 mm short
Karen Odyniec, Director                                                               
Magela Crosignani, Director of Photography
The story of three seekers of the American Dream  and how the intersection of their lives bring about front page worthy headline. Shot on location in New York City.
Deadline-Cop with paper
Newspaper created for the film, made to mock the New York Post or other sensational newspapers
Deadline-Fisheye peephole
Fish eye peep hole-created with the director of photography

Fish Eye Details
Deadline-Window wall
The Window Wall- The outside world that Ben tries to write about.

Orange and Grey colors drawn from crime scene photo shoot
Click to see details on fish eye gag
Apartment 5- This doorway was dressed with added apartment number and peephole detail
Deadline-Crime Scene Photos
Crime Scene photos- Ben is faced with creating a front page new story based on a serial murder of a lounge singing diva.

The colors and textures behind the crime scene photos became a throughline for the overall production design.
Deadline-The Unexpected Guest
Opposite the Trinity wall, is the Living area-The "homey" side of things that Sofi, Ben's girlfriend brings to his life.  Unfortunately, along with Sofi, comes her unexpected and annoying relatives. (The wanna be Rap Star cousin sits on the couch)
Ben watches Sofi go to work, staring out their apartment window
The Trinity Wall- Three inspirational corkboards reveal to interworkings of Ben, a writer trying to make the front page.

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The front stoop of the building becomes the setting to Aggie's shrine after she is named Pop Star of the Year postmortem.
Before and After Shots of Location