Lucky Stiff
Donna Scheer, Director
Stephen Kitsakos, Musical Director
Aletta Vett- Costume Shop Manager

A farcial musical that revolves around a dead man's last will and testament.  Harry,a lonely English shoe salesman stands to inherit $6 million from a long lost dead uncle, if and only if the conditions of Uncle Anthony's will are fullfilled.  A final fling for the corpse and his nephew take them to Monte Carlo as a cast of "characters" follows to try to undermine Harry's claim to the money so they might keep it for themselves.
Lucky Stiff- Summer Rep Theatre-McKenna Productions
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Lucky Stiff- Curtain Call
Lucky Stiff- London Roommates
Lucky Stiff- The Optometrist and Rita
Lucky Stiff- Rita
Lucky Stiff- Harry the Shoe Salesman
Lucky Stiff- The Optometrist
The British shoe salesman
Harry at the store
Harry's nosy flatmates reading his mail
The New York mistress to the dead uncle
Rita makes an office visit to her Optometrist Brother to convince him to go to chase down the Harry and the Inheritance
Rita's Brother at the Airport