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Mildred In the Kitchen
At one point in the story it is necessary for Mildred to be moved from her bedroom to the kitchen.  After Edith is arrested, Lucy must leave the house before she is discovered there.  Mildred is moved to the kitchen. 

When we see Mildred transplanted from her beroom to the kitchen, we should start to understand that she has been left to fend for herself. You should feel how lonely she is and what hardships are to come for a woman who can barely get herself out of bed.   Lucy makes sure that everything is as close as possible in hopes that Mildred's stubborn personality will help her make it through the winter ahead.
Firelight, glass lamp light and candles help set up great practicals for lighting, but also add to the sense of period and loneliness.  Knowing that lamp oil only lasts so long and a Mildred needs to be able to keep the fireburning adds to her desperate situation.
The blanket was an actual antique quilt from 1865 loaned to us from the Thomas Massey House.  The Thomas Massey House is a living history museum and historic house, in Marple, PA.  The members of the board were a wonderful resource for research, information and were generous to let the art department use a number of their historic items.
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