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Lea Umberger, Lawn Chair
Lawn Chair                          2006
Lea Umberger, Group Seating
Group Seating                                                     2006               
Lea Umberger, Horizon
Horizon                              2007
Lea Umberger, Crossroads 2006
Crossroads                          2006
Lea Umberger, 131
131                                   2007
Lea Umberger, bumper
Bumper                              2007
Lea Umberger, tanked
Tanked                                                                      2007
Lea Umberger, chicken coop and a tree
Chicken Coop and a Tree     2007
Lea Umberger, four lights
Four Lights                                                               2007
Lea Umberger, red drum, blue drum
Red Drum, Blue Drum                                                 2007
Lea Umberger, catepillar
Catepillar                                                                  2007
Lea Umberger, red bulldozer
Red Bulldozer                                                          2007
Lea Umberger, On the Fence I
Lea Umberger, On The Fence II
On the Fence I                                                       2007
On the Fence II                                                                                                                         2007
Lea Umberger, Carnival Lights
Carnival Lights                    2007
Wandering Wondering Moments
Collection of details that I come across in my daily life.

All Image are property of Lea Umberger Designs and may not be reproduced or used with the express written permission of Lea Umberger.
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