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Wandering Wondering Moments
Collection of details that I come across in my daily life.
All Images are property of Lea Umberger Designs  and may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of Lea Umberger

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Lea Umberger, Photography, alabama street light
Alabama Street Light                              2008
Lea Umberger, Photography , steel bridge
Steel Bridge                                          2008
Lea Umberger, Photography, suspension bridge
Suspension Bridge                                                                                        2008
st. louis street light
St. Louis Street Light                                                                                2008
28                                                        2007
Green Door Rusted                                2008
Lea Umberger, Photography, Florida Drug Store
Florida Drug Store                                                                                  2008
Southern Roots
Southern Roots                                    2008
Lea Umberger, Photograhy, tralier
Trailer                                                                                                    2008
Lea Umberger, Photography, brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn Bridge                                                                                    2008
white heads
White Heads                                    2008
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