Jack Wade, Director
SUNY New Paltz

The story of a brutish, unthinking ship laborer that is searching for his place in the industrial /capitalist world.  His strength is questioned by a young socialite. This sends him on a journey through the world of the Fifth Avenue Elite, into the depths of the Union Halls and eventually brings him to a zoo to confront the ape (the literal and the metaphorical version of his inner self).
The Hairy Ape, Top of Show, Lea Umberger-Set Design
The Bunks of the Stokers
The Hairy Ape, The Steam Room, Lea Umberger- Set Design
The Steam Room
The Hairy Ape, Fifth Ave, Lea Umberger - Set Design
Fifth Avenue
The Hairy Ape, Union Hall, Lea Umberger-Set Designer
Union Hall
The Hairy Ape, Jail, Lea Umberger- Set Design
The Hairy Ape, The Ape Cage, Lea Umberger-Set Designer
Ape Cage
The Hairy Ape, Death Procession, Lea Umberger- Set Design
Death Procession
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